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I have discovered what a person can achieve in life, free, dignified, self-sufficient, believing that the border is the sky. I believe with all my heart that people can succeed if they want to.

We will discover how to use power in different ways to create lasting improvements in the quality of your life. You and I will be able to dominate the most effective 5 of the 8 areas of life.


Rezzan Ozdemir is a very successful and widely respected leadership and business coach who counts a large number of major Turkish corporations amongst her clients. I first encountered Rezzan when I was the CEO of Genel Energy, the FTSE listed Anglo-Turkish oil and gas company. I would have no hesitation in giving her an unqualified recommendation and would also not hesitate to use her in my ongoing business activities.

Tony Hayward
Chairman - GLENCORE plc

I had a chance of utilising her executive leadership coaching service. Her offerings and differents viewpoints have impressed me immensely that I believe my leadership competencies and capabilities have reached the next level in terms of my own personality and mindset.

Mehmet Sepil
President - Goztepe Sports Club

Rezzan Özdemir who is a succesful coach widely known for her inspiring solutions and ideas, has refreshed our inner-selves and created some space in our minds, whis has allowed us to reprogram the goals and objectives of BJK.

Fikret Orman
Chairman - Besiktas JK

Ms.Rezzan made us to confront with ourselves in order to take right steps in our business and she strengthened our perception of team spirit by identifying the true individualistic needs and workflow of the company.

Ahmet Nur Çebi
President - Kaptan Demir Çelik | Vice President – Besiktas JK

As Teknik Balans, we have several work schedules we are following whish are grouped daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. To track all of these schedules succesfully, we focus on today’s work through which we build basis of future plans. Rezzan Özdemir has showed us to the ways of proceeding more effectively.

Bora Konuk
Member of the Board - Teknik Balans Mak. San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Ms. Rezzan Özdemir has been one of the most effective people touched our hearts with her lively and motivating ideas. She has enabled our team to learn dynamic applicable techniques that will increase their performance awareness and capacity.

Sinan Akın
General Manager - Ege Fren

Ms. Rezzan Özdemir has built a conscious, dynamic and brave business perspective for our employees. By her speeches, workshops and applicable suggestions which are particularly designed for INOKSAN, she has helped many of us to gain different perspective of that fine line between obligatory and joyous sides of the business.

Vehbi Varlık
President / Founder Owner - INOKSAN

In late 2017, Bayraktar Group employees and I benefitted from her people-oriented and impressively unique techniques. Her comments, views and suggestions affected many of us to change our perspective of processes and to find more effective ways of managing business and daily life.

Mustafa Bayraktar
Chairman & CEO - Bayraktar Group

I have known Rezzan for a while and she is very professional and well-connected individual in her own sector. I believe her approach and energy will be highly beneficial for our company both motivationally and profitably.

Ahmet İplikçi
Managing Director - Ishtar Advisory Limited



Clarification and exploration of the topic


Setting of specific goals – long/medium/short term and for the session itself


Understanding where the coachee is now in relation to their goals?


Exploring options for moving forward


Identifying and agreeing specific action

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