If you want to know me;

I’m Rezzan Ozdemir, a mother born in 1972. My biggest goal in life was to be a good person and mother. I also try to be. My search for my inner journey began in 1997 with a trip to London.

My educational background is about business management and pedagogical training. I decided to become a professional in this field as a result of the experiences I gained in business life and the irresistible interest in touching human life and being a part of change. I studied Business Administration at Richmond College in London. I took coaching training at The Coaching Academy London, certified by ICF (International Coaching Federation). I have successfully completed the Performance Coaching, NLP Master, Corporate and Business Coaching trainings and awarded with the certificate of high achievement.

In 2005, I received INLTPA-approved NLP (Art and Science of Neuro Linguistic Programming) training from Paul McKenna. At the same time, I was awarded with The Firewalk certificate at the end of my student years with Anthony Robbins. I had the opportunity to work with expert trainers around the world.

I am still a member of ICF and The Coaching Academy.

When I launched the my own company; Rezan Özel Eğitim & Danışmanlık as one the first life coaching company of Turkey in 2003,I had high hopes. The reality has exceeded my expectations.

I had to apply the trainings I had to myself and my family when my brother died in 2005. In this way, I have discovered what a person can achieve in life, free, dignified, self-sufficient, believing that the border is the sky. I am aware that the trainings are a human development projects and that it is through believing in yourself combined with courage and devoted decisions. I believe with all my heart that people can succeed if they want to. The largest catalysts; feelings of pain and pleasure. I have experienced that you can use the pain as a lever and shorten the path to the desired place in life.

I believe in the essence of human and natural power. My goal is to maximize the potential that exists.

It is time to act now!



I don't know who you are, but i'll find you and i'll help you.
Rezzan Ozdemir